Panasonic CSIRT (Cyber Security Incident Response Team), is a team dedicated to protect and secure the Panasonic EU IT infrastructure and the customer data held with us. Panasonic CSIRT monitors the current cyber threat landscape and assesses its potential impact to the enterprise.

The team is responsible for coordinating the response to cyber security incidents within Panasonic. To achieve its mission, CSIRT leverages the relationships with various internal and external stakeholders world-wide, such as CSIRT networks, technical communities, and the security researcher communities.

Cyber Security Incidents can include:

  • Scam e-mails
  • Fake websites
  • Cyber-attacks on Panasonic
  • Cyber-attacks originating from Panasonic
  • Customer data loss and/or leakage

If you notice any usual activity originating from Panasonic or receive a suspicious e-mail or telephone call, please contact Panasonic CSIRT on infosec@eu.panasonic.com.

Known Cyber Security Incidents

In the table below we will list selected adverse or suspicious activites. That may include web sites, domains, scam e-mail campaigns or incidents. These activities may be directed against the Panasonic, its affiliates, partners and/or customers.

If you receive an e-mail, spot a web site or find a page/channel on social sites that looks suspicious please contact Panasonic CSIRT as soon as possible on infosec@eu.panasonic.com.

The table below provides you with more detailed information about selected known cyber security incidents.

Incident Date detected State Severity Comments Download
No incident reported at this time